Nov 23, 2021

Mapping out the Metaverse


As the metaverse keeps expanding and implicating more and more industries, brands will need to understand not just the big picture; it will be critical to zoom into individual aspects of this multilayered landscape in order to uncover the right opportunities for organic integration.


In the last few months, it has been almost impossible to avoid
the “metaverse”.

Back in March of 2020, we first dipped our toe in the pool by publishing a trend about the fledgling decentralized art community. Ever since then, we’ve been mapping out the metaverse on Nextatlas through its precipitous rise to near-ubiquity; as virtual spaces continue to diversify and bigger and bigger names enter the fray, it’s becoming abundantly clear that having a firm grasp on the metaverse will be a key imperative across any number of industries in the coming years.

But what exactly is the Metaverse?

What’s happening in there, what does it look like, and why does everyone from bellwether brands to a horde of young digital natives care so much?

We’ve got all your answers and more in our latest addition to the Nextatlas platform: the Metaverse Focus. Designed specifically to help you grasp the full scope of this burgeoning landscape, we looked at the metaverse from every individual angle to provide a picture you can trust. And the picture we found was one of staggering growth in the last year and, more importantly, continued growth into the new year.

The timeline is an aggregation of all 6 themes; it offers an overview of the topic's development at large.

Breaking Down The Metaverse

Further, to help you see all those angles for yourself, we broke the metaverse down to its parts through 6 succinct thematic areas:

  • The Infrastructure explores the underlying technologies and protocols that are supporting the broadening functions and capabilities of the metaverse.
  • Aesthetics encompasses not only the visual trends permeating through the metaverse, but also their various manifestations, which heavily implicate the worlds of Fashion and Design.
  • Living and Appearing, meanwhile, outlines the extents of lifestyles inside the digital realm, from sophisticated online interaction to virtual travel to our connection with digital avatars.
  • Earning and Owning dives into the vast world of commerce both inside and tangential to the metaverse, including cryptocurrencies, NFTs, and more.
  • Playing and Enjoying takes the metaverse back to its roots, covering the evolution of the gaming landscape and its ever-widening audience.
  • Finally, The Dangers looks at the potential risks of life in the metaverse as concerns of data privacy and cybersecurity emerge as top priorities

The pie chart illustrates the relative weight of each theme on our aggregated view of Metaverse.

Even more, informed by our constantly updating data stream, the relative contribution to the overall topic as well as future growth forecasts are tracked for each individual thematic area. So even as discussions pull the metaverse in new directions, you’ll be able to track what’s most important and where it’s headed.

In an area as sprawling as the metaverse, it’s key to not just see the full picture; rather, being able to identify the specific opportunities for growth, innovation, and engagement is an invaluable asset.

Each Thematic Area ("Aesthetics" shown above) offers a deep dive into the unique details charting its individual evolution

Curious what theme is driving the bulk of conversation right now? Want to know why “The Infrastructure” is growing faster than any other thematic area? Looking for the style that can help you make a splash in digital fashion? Step into our Metaverse Focus to find out.

Transalte Trends Into Actionable Insights

The virtual world moves pretty fast… let us help you stay a step ahead. Discover on Nextatlas how every corner of the Metaverse will evolve!

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Trend lines, data, and information described in this article emerge from the ongoing analysis performed by Nextatlas on its global observation pool made of innovators, early adopters, industry insiders expressing their views on Twitter, Instagram, and Reddit.

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