Sep 25, 2020

Playfulness: a Cross-Industry Trend


The long tail of escapism has highlighted a deep seated desire for playfulness. We present it to you through our new focus features.

We saw it last year and we can now delve deeper into understanding this desire through the elements brought to light by the new industry specific Nextatlas platform widgets: Design, Beauty, Fashion and Food.

Attention to details

Playfulness is the key to take a break from mundane and stressful tasks.

People feel the need to resort to specific places, both physical and digital, that might help them achieve a sense of calm and balance, and escape from their routines.

Interiors stylists are employing singular, well-placed objects that can set a playful tone in a room using metals such as steel and brass, playing with transparency through glass without forgetting the natural touch that only wood can assure.

Design Focus widget of the Nextatlas Curated Insight about Playfulness in Interior Design

Interiors stylists are employing singular, well-placed objects that can set a playful tone in a room using metals such as steel and brass, playing with transparency through glass without forgetting the natural touch that only wood can assure.

Most of the times small changes are enough to transform the look and feel of a room.

Bedrooms, living rooms and bathrooms are at the top of the list when one’s looking to unwind.

Photo by on Adobe Stock

Experimentation and DIY

We have already established in our previous article that we want to keep our self-care routines and beauty standards high even during these tough times.

Teenagers and young adults have also been using makeup routines to alleviate boredom and explore new creative looks. Inspired by the emerging style of the TV series Euphoria even those not previously interested in extreme and experimental beauty have started playing around with their appearance by trying out brighter colors, unusual eyeliner shapes and mismatched eye shadows at home.

Photo by Ulia Koltyrina on Adobe Stock

Many people are feeling freer to challenge preconceived notions of beauty as well as the concept of “everyday” makeup without overlooking the ingredients and properties of the products they use.

As shown by the Beauty Focus related to the trend “Repurpusing Make-Up” that you can find on the Nextatlas Platform, there is a special attention to the origin of the makeup formula, mostly made by natural ingredients that have soothing, nourishing and anti-aging properties.

Beauty Focus widget of the Nextatlas Curated Trend “Repurpusing Make-Up”

Mismatched combinations

Traditional style rules such as matching shoes with handbags, never wearing more than three colors at once or navy and black together, which were considered as inviolable fashion laws, have been rethought over the past few fashion seasons.

Products and looks created by cutting and splicing different patterns, colors and fabrics are the latest deconstructed style. Not only a reflection of people’s and the world’s complexity, they are also attractive and eye-catching.

Madras, quilted and seersucker are the main Textiles&Fabrics related to this emerging trend, along with embroidery and satin as the preferred finishes when it comes to garments such as socks, jackets, cardigans and waistcoats.

Fashion Focus widget of the Nextatlas Curated Trend "Mismatched Match"

This growing quest for playfulness started quite some time ago and we can trace it back to the birth of a trend connected with manipulating foodstuff that we spotted in 2015.

Playful Cuisine, as we called it, is conceiving food preparation as if it were a cut-and-paste game, an opportunity to share fun and communication.

It wasn’t just about cooking, but about designing food with design principles in mind: graphic colors, clean lines, rounded corners and so on.

Using sprinkles, candy, dough and fruit it mainly affected Eastern Cuisines, such as Asian, Chinese and Indian, along with Mexican’s delicious food.

Photo by benevolente on Adobe Stock

Through this new focus widgets the Nextatlas platform guides you to an even better understanding of consumers needs and future desires, offering you a quick journey to insights, with some playfulness, if applicable.

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